KWE Switzerland is one of the first airfreight forwarders to offer our customers the possibility to voluntarily offset the CO2 emission, caused by the airfreight transportation. For this purpose, KWE has started a partnership with myclimate and obtained the myclimate Certificate for climate neutral operation in the year 2010.

Based on the distance and the routing to the final destination, myclimate has calculated the charge per kilo to achieve a climate neutral airfreight uplift.Under the name of 'green smiley', Airfreight transportation to and from over 150 worldwide destinations can achieve a climate neutral airfreight uplift.

You will see our 'green smiley' symbol in our quotation- and shipping order forms. The compensation amounts per kilo are also listed in our latest Air Export Tariff.

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Rolf Moor ZRH
Benjamin Kohler ZRH
Markus Wiedmer GVA