Authorised Economic Operator

The Authorised Economic Operator, - AEO, is a status, which is awarded to companies, who are known as very reliable in the context of the international security standards in the global supply chain.

The AEO Concept is one of the main building blocks within the WCO (World Customs Organisation) SAFE Framework of Standards. The latter is part of the future international Customs model set out to support secure trade. The essence of the AEO-concept can be found in the Customs-to-Business partnerships. Operators can be accredited by Customs as AEO’s when they prove to have high quality internal processes that will prevent goods in international transport to be tampered with.

As a result, customs will trust the operator and perform less or no inspections on goods imported or exported by or via the AEO. This benefits the mover of the goods as goods are available more quickly, which means lower transport costs. Customs benefits as scarce inspections capacity can be targeted better at cargo of unknown and potentially unsafe operators.

With this certificate KWE Switzerland wants to prove to its existing and future customers who are seeking for a reliable and well established business partner to be the perfect company for all their transport and logistics business. Our aim is to be part of a continued supply chain which is not interrupted in view of safety and security.

KWE Switzerland has been successfully certified as AEO on February 07th, 2014

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