official COVID-19 Statement from KWE Headquarters in Tokyo / Japan

The increased uncertainty around the current status of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has a significant impact to the global Air Freight business


First of all we hope that all our customers, their families and the readers of the KWE News are safe and up with good health. Luckily, all KWECH staff are in good shape and we implemented the needed measures to keep it up.

We have now switched to "smart-work" mode, which means as much home work as possible and separating teams. Our operation in Zurich and Geneva are fully functional. Our biggest challenge is to cope with the perpetual reduction and cancellation of Air Freight Capacity.

Because this became beyond the control of KWE, our Headquarters declared FORCE MAJEURE which reserves our right to modify all or part of our services and the agreed rates. For most of the current Air Freight shipment, individual solutions needs to be found. A prompt communication and maximum flexibility is essential to achieve the best possible results. Please contact your counterpart at KWECH. We work hard to find the best possible solution. Thank you for your support and understanding.

official Statement KWE