KWE Switzerland obtains ISO Certification

We are proud to announce that KWE Switzerland has achieved the ISO 9001:2015 certification. It was not easy under the restrictions of the Corona pandemic, but we did it!


KWE Switzerland has been an AEO certified company for years and so it was a logical conclusion to aim for ISO 9001:2015 certification next. This decision was made in spring 2019 and a corresponding working group was established under the chairmanship of Sandra Kaiser, Branch Manager KWEZRH. The process was supported and guided by our EMEA Headquarter. In particular John Vallely. The Irish based NSAI was selected as the validator.

Unfortunately, the outbreak of the Corona pandemic delayed the processes, which had to be adapted with much flexibility to the current circumstances. Face-to-face meetings were suddenly no longer possible and most of the protagonists had to work from home. Thus, we made intense use of digital technologies and all interviews and examinations took place virtually. It is especially worth mentioning how Mrs. Kaiser transmitted video images of our infrastructure to the auditor via smartphone, in various live sessions.

At the beginning of March, the audits and reworkings were completed and the auditor, Mr. Chris Breslin informed us that he will recommend the certification to NSAI’s decision-making body. After the technical review, we received the certificate mid of May.

Let me express my gratitude and thanks to all the involved colleagues to have achieved this goal under these very special circumstances.

Rolf Moor, Managing Director of KWE Switzerland, May 2021