KWE Switzerland's new Website

our new Website is online - enjoy the new design


Most of the websites in our industry have a similar look and showing planes, vessels, trucks and warehouses - a bit boring, don't you think so?

KWE Switzerland was about to refurbish its site and wanted to implement something totally different.

With the creative support of our webdesigner-team from Paweco GmbH, we have launched a state of the art site, using a metaphor between animals & transportations.

Our site does not just offer beautiful pictures, it is also very functional and informative. It highlights our services in details and offers a wide range of interactive tools, such as track & trace functions, shipping order- and rate request forms. Everything available in three languages! You will also find very useful links and a download area, full of interesting and specific information about transportation and logistics. At last, there is a gallery to provide some impressions of our daily work and introducing our professional, competent and friendly Swiss Team.

Why not taking a couple of minutes to click through the site. Enjoy it. Your feedback and comments will be highly appreciated. Send a mail to